Printer’s Average Life

Take note that even if you take care of things, everything won’t last. The day will come that your printer needs a replacement. As such, you might be asking yourself “what is the average life of a printer?” In this post, we will answer your question as well as give you important information regarding your printer. So, if you are ready, let’s jump into the main content.

It cannot be denied that most of us are wanting to have a new printer because of specific purposes. Some are considering a new printer because of a certain change in their printing needs. Others don’t have enough money to place an order in a printer shop. That’s why most of them prefer copier leasing.

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What is the Average Lifespan of a Printer

In general, a printer has an average lifespan of three to five years only. If you will maintain and check it properly and frequently, it can last longer than this. But as mentioned, nothing lasts forever. Your printer needs to be replaced because of different reasons; maybe you need an upgrade to your printing performance or simply because it has been damaged.

What are the signs that a Printer Needs a Replacement

In this section, you will learn the common signs that entail that your printer is going to leave you. Knowing these signs will help you to save money ahead of time to purchase or lease a new printer.

The Printing Volume Decreases

Printers are intended to work according to its set maximum printing volume. If the printing volume starts to decrease, it is the number one sign that the lifespan and efficiency of your printer start to decrease. Generally, small-sized printers can only hold a low print load compared to the larger machines.

You Keep Getting Paper Jams

Paper jam is a common problem for most printers. But if you experience frequent paper jams, then it’s time to replace the machine. If you will stay in a printer that produces more paper jams, you will waste a lot of time that you can supposedly use for other more productive activities.

Ink Runs Out Faster

If you have higher printing demands than before and your ink runs out faster, this is another sign that your printer needs immediate repair. This is always the common problem you may experience when working with a low-quality printer. In this case, it is best to replace it with a good-quality one. But, considering the expensive price rate of printers these days, most business owners find it hard to purchase a brand new machine. In this case, we recommend you to consider copier leasing.

Printers are like other machines that need replacement after several years of use. An average printer can last for about three to five years. If you want to extend its lifespan, make sure to perform a frequent inspection and regular maintenance.