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Document Sizes that Photocopier Can Accommodate

Ever wondering what paper size you should use in printing your documents? Not sure what copy paper is appropriate in printing your vivid images? Or have you ever experienced printing your document in the wrong paper size? If all of this scenario happened to you, read further to know some tips about choosing the right paper.

Printing Documents has always been a tradition either from your school or offices. You might also use it to print amazing images taken from your mobile phone or camera. However, some of these don’t always fit the right size nor the quality it may have. 

If we talk about printing documents for academic purposes, I assume that many of you consider using the standard paper for letters and school documents. If yes, you might also be familiar with the A5 or Tabloid size. 

Publishers, particularly in Print Media, usually used Tabloid and Broadsheet sizes to produce quality prints for news. If you ever had the chance to buy and read newspapers at your nearest local stores, you might be familiar with it. 

If you’re using a multifunction photocopier, you may print on a wide range of paper sizes. However, not all paper sizes were approved by the ISO paper standard. The very next thing that comes to your mind is, “Why is ISO standard important?

ISO is a crucial part of our community because it ensures the quality and safety of both products and services that we consume. Hence, an ISO-approved paper product is equal to a more quality and efficient product and less tree cutting for paper production.

Copy paper has a wide range of sizes depending on the documents you are going to produce. However, the A4 and the Letter size are the only two copy papers approved by ISO, and those are what we usually use. 

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Here are 3 Document sizes that your photocopier can accommodate:


This paper size is bigger than the usual short bond paper that we used. It is measured in metric units and has a height of 297mm and 210mm as its width. This paper is the size of a US Letter. However, this one’s a little narrower and longer. 

Letter Size

While the A4 is a little longer and a little narrower, this Letter size is the equivalent of a short bond paper. The Letter Size is 8.5 by 11 inches (210x2779mm). Epson copier machines specially distribute this type of paper. 


Now that we’re done with the two most used paper sizes for documents, let’s move over to the Legal most known as the Long Bond Paper. The Legal size paper is 8.5 by 14 inches and is usually used for important documents such as your birth certificate, modules, and any other type of legal documents. 

However, some users usually resized it to 8.5 by 13 when using Microsoft word. 

Some of you might ask, “Why do you have to use these papers if digital devices are around?”

Paper is the most used tool for communication and information management for a hundred years if some of you have forgotten.

Not only that, it’s the oldest form of communication, but papers have been a vital part of our lives, starting from sketching when you were a child, writing your notes and activities, or even writing creative ideas. 

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