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5 Best Features Of A Laser Printer

The laser printer uses toner to create permanent marks, texts, and images on the paper. Laser printers are said to be more pricey than inkjet printers, but they still provide a cheaper running cost due to their lower per-page price and faster printing speed.

The toner is a powder-based print medium made from granulated plastics that provide more accuracy and control. It is usually held in a single cartridge. The heated printing drum collects toner powder, and when this powder is melted, it is transferred to paper to print the required images or texts.

Advantages of a Laser Printer

  1. High-volume print consumers will find it more economical – The most significant benefit of laser printers are lower recurrent supply costs. Toner powder is far more economical over time than ink, which is still somewhat expensive to refill or replace. In brief, laser printers are best for your most important assignments, such as large documents or drafts.
  2. Prints with more precision – Inkjet printing can still produce high-quality, precise images, but the technology and toner used in laser printing offer more reliability. The chance of ink bleeding or spotting with laser toner is limited compared to inkjet printers. With larger print projects, you may expect more consistency and better quality.
  3. Print rates are faster – Toner printers are also significantly quicker than inkjet printers, which is one of the reasons they’re so popular with high-volume printers. They not only save you money on all your printing supplies, but they also print at fast speeds that you won’t have to wait while performing large tasks.

Laser Printers 5 Best Features

Laser printers differ by speed, resolution (print fineness), printer language, and paper handling. Check out if your laser printer has the following features. 


Laser printers come in a variety of speed options. Pages per minute (ppm) or images per minute (ipm) are the units of measurement for laser printers (an image is one side of a sheet). These are the same on a simplex (single-sided) printer, but a duplex (double-sided) printer may print two images on each page of the paper. 


A laser printer’s resolution is the number of individual dots it can print in a given area. A “bitmap image” is a collection of dots used by laser printers to create graphics. Most current laser printers print with a resolution of 300 × 300 dots per square inch or 90,000 dots per square inch. The resolution of some of the most recent laser printers is 600 dpi or 360,000 dots per square inch. The more refined and detailed a picture a printer can create, the higher the resolution.

Printers Language

A printer’s language is a set of commands that it follows to format data sent from a computer. The computer embeds these commands in the data, which the printer interprets. Some printer languages are created explicitly for laser printers. In contrast, others are designed for older, simpler printers but can be solved by some laser printers for compatibility with older computer software.

Handling of Paper

The size of the paper input tray determines the page size used in most laser printers (the paper container which inserts into the paper feeder mechanism). For ordinary office stationery, most laser printers come with single-size paper trays. It would be best to look for a laser printer that can handle the different paper sizes to adjust to your printing needs.

Duplex and Simplex

Most desktop printers are simplex, meaning they only print on one side, while the floor-standing printers are large and expensive enough that a built-in duplex unit is justified. 

Duplex printing is necessary for the printing of technical manuals and other publications. However, it is unimportant for most office printing needs. Duplex printing saves paper and is beneficial for extensive reports and ecologically sensitive consumers.


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When you consider buying a laser printer, always look for the best features listed above. Laser printers are very silent because they use a non-impact printing method. Some laser printers can only print on one side of the paper, while others can print on both sides. Although a few laser printers can print color images, most are monochrome.